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Cufflinks and Accessories from Real Ferrari Metal

Ferrari Cufflinks Luxury cufflinks and accessories engineered from vintage Ferrari metal.

Made from real Ferrari metal, the same metal used in the classic Ferrari sports cars, comes this exclusive range of accessories that includes a range of exquisitely crafted cufflinks and prestigious leather wallets and iPhone cases. Real Ferrari Metal products have been restricted to a limited number of trusted retailers. Making this exclusive range nearly as rare as the cars the accessories are made from. Walsh Bros are proud to be one of only 10 high-end retailers worldwide licensed to sell these special accessories.

This is a unique opportunity for the sports car connoisseur to own a piece of Ferrari heritage. Ferrari craftsmen have tirelessly engineered these accessories with the same care and skill that goes into restoring and manufacturing their famous cars.

Their Origin

The real Ferrari metal has been extracted by restoration experts at GTO London, during the restoration process of classic models like the Ferrari 250 GTO. Having served its purpose contributing to the power and passion that is a Ferrari, this metal is melted down and engineered into one of the exclusive designs you can find in our online catalogue and in store. This is a genuine chance for you or a loved one to own an authentic piece of Ferrari heritage at a fraction of the $30 million you’d be looking at for one of the few (39) examples left of the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Is it going to be as thrilling as driving a classic Ferrari down picturesque sweeping mountain passes and through quaint Italian fishing towns? Of course not. But how many other men will be using real Ferrari metal forged cufflinks to add elegance to their shirts. Or using a stylish silver money clip produced to represent the famous louvres of the classic Ferrari motor cars to hold their currency. There won’t be many, and every time they wear their cufflinks or pull out their money clip they’ll be reminded of where they originated from. And for just a second they’ll feel the brief rush of what it is to own a Ferrari; a part of sports car heritage.

Ferrari Cufflinks

An extensive range of cufflinks in a variety of Ferrari and sports car themed designs. Choose from cufflinks forged from real Ferrari metal or a unique sports car design made from sterling silver. Including the memorable three spoke steering wheel Volante design, the Pneumatico cufflink featuring the tread pattern of Dunlop’s R5/R6 1950’s racing tyres, and the celebrated Cambio gear shift design.

Ferrari Key Fobs & Pins

For those that one day dream of owning a Ferrari but for now drive something more modest. Elegantly handmade pins using real Ferrari metal with a sterling silver back piece.

Ferrari Leather Accessories

Inspired by the beautiful diamond stitched leather found in the interiors of classic Ferraris comes a range of premium leather accessories. Including credit card holders, wallets, iPad/iPhone sleeves, coin wallets, cigar cases, hip flasks, luggage tags and leather key fobs. Available in a choice of 3 exquisite colours, there’s a product for every man.

The whole collection can be viewed in store. Bring your partner in soon and they’ll quickly start scribbling their Christmas list.

Discover more about our Ferrari Cufflinks.

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Richard Burrow
Richard Burrow - Friday, October 18, 2013 |
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