Wedding Jewellery

Set the perfect mood for Your Wedding day

Choosing the right wedding jewellery for your big day is incredibly important. Jewellery has the ability to greatly enhance the overall look of your gown and will help you feel a million dollars as you elegantly walk the aisle.

At Walsh Bros we are experienced in aiding brides and grooms in picking the right style and type of jewellery to suit their particular plans. Not every wedding is the same and not all jewellery will be right for your occasion.

If you are planning a big and glamorous wedding than a bolder, glitzier piece will be the right choice to make the statement you are aiming for.

For a more classic affair, we’d suggest looking to pieces that utilise simple designs and timeless features such as pearls and diamonds. In either case, we are sure to be able to aid you in creating the day you have always dreamed of. And feel free to browse for as long as you need, we realise it’s a big decision and you need to get it right.

Dazzling Engagement & Wedding Rings

Planning a proposal? Already had a ‘yes’ and seeking the perfect wedding bands? Browse our extensive collection or speak to our design team about having something truly unique made.

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