The Eternal Symbol of Love

Diamonds have, and will always be, recognised as one of the most precious and valuable gems our earth has to offer. The crystals are the hardest substance known to man, the best conductor of heat and perfectly formed almost 100 miles below the earths surface.

But perhaps their lasting appeal is in what they represent; beauty, love and eternity. Nothing quite compares to the allure of a diamond and nothing ever will. Always in fashion, always mysterious and always an object of desire.

Our diamonds are hand picked, meticulously scrutinised and then assessed by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We pride ourselves on finding the beauty and quality in every piece that we then select to sell in our Tunbridge Wells shop.

Purchasing Diamonds

The value of a diamond is determined by the four C's; cut, colour, clarity and carat. We are happy to talk you through each to ensure that an informed choice can then be made. You will find we offer a wide selection of diamond jewellery. Take your time when choosing, the moments you spend now will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

It's been said that nothing quite changes your persona like diamonds. Slip a diamond ring on your finger or clasp a diamond necklace against your skin and voilà you are the picture of elegant sophistication.

Come and peruse our outstanding and varied selection of high quality diamond jewellery. Your are truly unfortunate if you haven't.

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